Tag Cloud

I’m somewhat new to WordPress and blogging.  Sort of easing my way into it.  Stopping myself after a few sentences is my usual behavior.  Today I’ve been reading a few posts of Curmudgeon-At-Large, through one of them I stumbled upon Fear No Weebles.  Both are wonderful and I highly recommend them to all (well… to most).

Anyway, what I finally noticed today, and that I should have been paying more attention to all along, is the “Tag Cloud”.  The amazing variety of tags in one cloud is staggering.  So much temptation.  And so many guilty pleasures.  And so many things I never would have thought about looking for in the first place.  I mean “A clown on fire” and “sex with animals” and “trebuchets” all in one place?  The mind reels.  “Boobs”, “Hot Dead Guys”, and “Sesame Street” all lumped together?  Really?  I’m hooked.

My new goal?  To build a wonderful Tag Cloud of my own.  I think that instead of just trying to think of things that I think I could blog about, I think I should think of something that I think would make a good tag, and then think about what I think about it.  (And yes, I AM a little proud of that sentence, so THERE!)

And don’t leave out the “Favorites” list.  When presented with a list that includes “Hey, nice rack“, should I really feel guilty for clicking?  I didn’t go searching for it, after all.