CoViD-19 response

That being said, the following article is a must-read.

I don’t consider this to be a political post. While it does speak in a very Trump-negative tone, I also feel the current Republican party leadership to be a circus of malignant, self-serving, traitors who should be the first against the wall.

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I’m just getting over what felt like a bout with the flu. It’s been the mildest case that I can remember having. But I work at a major retailer, at the side of a major interstate highway in Southern California, and frequently interact with people from all over the country, and indeed all over the world. Hmmm…

I’ve been watching some of the news about CoVId-19 and the associated stumbles, blunders and panic surrounding its arrival in America. Symptons virtually identical to the flu, and ranging from imperceptible to “put me on a respirator NOW”. Even the medical community is starting to admit they have no way of knowing how many cases there have been in California (or U.S.), that even people who were sick were not allowed to be tested for it unless they’d had foreign contact. The CDC called it an “emergency” which meant that even if states had their own testing kits, their use was not allowed. The CDC kits had a 3 part system, of which the third step was effectively unusable. Just a long string of foolishness.

So… stopping to think about things… And after this if I say anything about sick people, read that as meaning people with flu-like symptoms.

How many sick people are actually being tested? extremely low percentage.

How many sick people quarantine themselves for a full week? extremely low percentage. For most of us this would translate as immediate voluntary unemployment.

Is it possible that in my working environment I was exposed to this new beastie? The only answer can be yes, it has to be considered a possiblity.

Is it possible it’s what I actually just suffered through? Again, it has to be considered possible.

Could I have been contagious to the general population for weeks before even knowing I was ill? YUP!

At this point I no longer care.