Ramblings on the nature of life

Thoughts on the nature of life are never far from my mind.  We seem to be surrounded by things that testify to beliefs about life, death, afterlife, souls, etc.  Sometime, when I was about 9-10 years old, I heard a description of Heaven that included “streets of gold and silver”.  This was in a church study class.  My first reaction was that it didn’t sound like any place I wanted to get stuck in.  If the Sun was shining, the glare would be intolerable.  If it rained, it would be slippery beyond belief.  These thoughts led me to the idea that perhaps the teacher didn’t really know what she was talking about.  In turn, this led to the realization that NOBODY really knew.  From that came the epiphany that faith itself is a form of wishful thinking.

Through the decades since that time, based upon myriad tiny experiences, a few books, countless conversations (usually sober, a couple otherwise), I have come to recognize the following:

1> There is such a thing as “life-energy”.

2> Life-energy lingers for an indeterminate time after corporeal death.

3> People of faith unknowingly tap into this life-energy.

4> Life-energy can be traded between individuals regardless of their corporeal status.

5> Religion is a form of political control and has caused the pain, suffering and death of at least as many people as it has comforted.

For me, these ideas explain everything.  Whether it be so-called miracles, auras, the power of a healer’s touch, the encounters that so many of us have had with spirits, spontaneous human combustion, angels, demons, the documentation of group prayer actually working, psychokinesis, countless other “et ceteras”.  There is something within us that can register, and sometimes tap into, this force.  Over the millennia it has been referred to as Chi, Ki, Soul, Aura, The Force (see Star Wars).  Practitioners of Reiki tap into this force.

I am married to an empath.  When she first told me about this while we were dating, I was skeptical.  I subsequently experimented by trying to send her thoughts when we were apart.  I gave her no warning, but she immediately sent me a text message saying “You’ll think this is stupid, but I can feel you”.  We were 50 miles apart on the opposite sides of a mountain range.  Many other experiences have long-since proven her ability beyond any doubt.  An example: waking up in the middle of the night saying “My mom is sick!”, followed by a call to her sister to find out her mother had just been rushed to a hospital.

We’ve all had experiences along these lines.  And yet so many people I know call themselves “Christian”, but have beliefs and experiences that don’t fit that faith.  Whatever.  To each his own.

There will be other posts along these lines as time and inclination lead me to compose them.

Namasté, Thou art God, etc…