Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not a fan of The Donald, but the irony of the president being impeached for abuse of power by a faction that’s led by Pelosi abusing her power, has not escaped me.  Once again we get to see the example of Democrats showing their true colors.  Who vandalized the opposition most before, during, and after the election?  It was Trump signs that were torn down, people wearing “MAGA” that were attacked physically and otherwise.  A few decades ago, I was registered as a Republican.  I am now ashamed of ever supporting such a party.

Think carefully about it.  As bad as Trump may be, millions of American voters still thought he was a better choice than Ms (guilty of all charges, but after a meeting with Bill we decided not to prosecute) Clinton.

And after watching the character of the Democratic leadership, I have to admit that the concept of a Democratic President simply terrifies me.


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