Hypocrisy and knee-jerking.

Three people killed with a knife, three people killed with a gun.  People refer to it as “the UCSB shooting”.  That pretty much says it all, right there.  Three people were killed in “the UCSB shooting”.  Should we not also be concerned with the “UCSB knifing”?  Why does it only matter when people are killed with a bullet?  Are the deaths of the first three to be blamed on the NRA as well?

Ramblings on the nature of life

Thoughts on the nature of life are never far from my mind.  We seem to be surrounded by things that testify to beliefs about life, death, afterlife, souls, etc.  Sometime, when I was about 9-10 years old, I heard a description of Heaven that included “streets of gold and silver”.  This was in a church study class.  My first reaction was that it didn’t sound like any place I wanted to get stuck in.  If the Sun was shining, the glare would be intolerable.  If it rained, it would be slippery beyond belief.  These thoughts led me to the idea that perhaps the teacher didn’t really know what she was talking about.  In turn, this led to the realization that NOBODY really knew.  From that came the epiphany that faith itself is a form of wishful thinking.

Through the decades since that time, based upon myriad tiny experiences, a few books, countless conversations (usually sober, a couple otherwise), I have come to recognize the following:

1> There is such a thing as “life-energy”.

2> Life-energy lingers for an indeterminate time after corporeal death.

3> People of faith unknowingly tap into this life-energy.

4> Life-energy can be traded between individuals regardless of their corporeal status.

5> Religion is a form of political control and has caused the pain, suffering and death of at least as many people as it has comforted.

For me, these ideas explain everything.  Whether it be so-called miracles, auras, the power of a healer’s touch, the encounters that so many of us have had with spirits, spontaneous human combustion, angels, demons, the documentation of group prayer actually working, psychokinesis, countless other “et ceteras”.  There is something within us that can register, and sometimes tap into, this force.  Over the millennia it has been referred to as Chi, Ki, Soul, Aura, The Force (see Star Wars).  Practitioners of Reiki tap into this force.

I am married to an empath.  When she first told me about this while we were dating, I was skeptical.  I subsequently experimented by trying to send her thoughts when we were apart.  I gave her no warning, but she immediately sent me a text message saying “You’ll think this is stupid, but I can feel you”.  We were 50 miles apart on the opposite sides of a mountain range.  Many other experiences have long-since proven her ability beyond any doubt.  An example: waking up in the middle of the night saying “My mom is sick!”, followed by a call to her sister to find out her mother had just been rushed to a hospital.

We’ve all had experiences along these lines.  And yet so many people I know call themselves “Christian”, but have beliefs and experiences that don’t fit that faith.  Whatever.  To each his own.

There will be other posts along these lines as time and inclination lead me to compose them.

Namasté, Thou art God, etc…

Tag Cloud

I’m somewhat new to WordPress and blogging.  Sort of easing my way into it.  Stopping myself after a few sentences is my usual behavior.  Today I’ve been reading a few posts of Curmudgeon-At-Large, through one of them I stumbled upon Fear No Weebles.  Both are wonderful and I highly recommend them to all (well… to most).

Anyway, what I finally noticed today, and that I should have been paying more attention to all along, is the “Tag Cloud”.  The amazing variety of tags in one cloud is staggering.  So much temptation.  And so many guilty pleasures.  And so many things I never would have thought about looking for in the first place.  I mean “A clown on fire” and “sex with animals” and “trebuchets” all in one place?  The mind reels.  “Boobs”, “Hot Dead Guys”, and “Sesame Street” all lumped together?  Really?  I’m hooked.

My new goal?  To build a wonderful Tag Cloud of my own.  I think that instead of just trying to think of things that I think I could blog about, I think I should think of something that I think would make a good tag, and then think about what I think about it.  (And yes, I AM a little proud of that sentence, so THERE!)

And don’t leave out the “Favorites” list.  When presented with a list that includes “Hey, nice rack“, should I really feel guilty for clicking?  I didn’t go searching for it, after all.


Treating condemned prisoners better than pets. Why?

Recently, I had to say goodbye to a sweet, loyal and loving friend.


Bailee’s time had come.  The numerous and aggressively growing tumors were starting to cause her visible pain and discomfort.  I made an appointment to have euthanasia administered at my local shelter on Saturday morning.  Her diet for the last few days of her life included many more bits of her favorite “people food” than was usual, and perhaps a bit of extra ear rubbing.

Saturday morning arrived, she had a small breakfast and off we went.  We were a little early, so she got to inspect the planted areas surrounding the parking lot, leaving her “mark of approval” upon her favorite spots.  Then it was time to go in.

After some obligatory paperwork, we were escorted into a room with a large rug, rather than the more usual table.  We were given a few minutes for farewells.  When we were ready, they held her, for the injection.  This change in demeanor frightened her.  As she began to struggle, more force was required to hold her still.  She weighed nearly a hundred pounds, and when her adrenaline kicked in she could be quite powerful.  After about 10 seconds of this (it felt a lot longer), the injection was given.  The end was virtually instantaneous.

What bothered me then, and continues to bother me, was that the last moments of her life were spent in terror.  I owed her better than that.  The purpose of euthanasia was to ease her suffering, not to add to it.  I paid extra to be with her at the end.  It was difficult, but I felt that I owed her at least that much.  She was a “rescue dog” who had been abandoned twice in her life, and I was not going to abandon her at the end.

I think a general anesthetic in the form of a treat of some sort should be given first.  Something that takes a few minutes to kick in.  Wouldn’t it be better to let the pet drift off to sleep in the lap of a loved one?  The lethal injection can then be administered while they’re peacefully sleeping.  Why do our human condemned criminals receive this sort of favor, but not the animal companions that we share life with?

If I ever have to do this kind of thing again, I’ll be sure not to do it the same way.